Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Update

I thought I would start this web site so we could keep everybody updated from a distance. Logan is doing really well in his new school, he really likes it. Its amazing to see how a kids confidence really goes up when you get a little one on one help. He is really picking up in his school work.

Chris is in Nebraska for a week. Its snowing and cold there, which is exactly what I wanted him to experience while there. That way he won't ever want to move there.

He really likes his job and seems to do well at it.

Wedding planning is going well. Things seem to be coming together nicely.

Logan and I are flying to Montana the end of March. We are excited to stay there for a week and see everybody.

I am enjoying my job. I hope to be a couple months away from a promotion. My next step up is Service Manager which would put me in charge of the whole teller line. It is one position down from Branch Manager. Of course there are different levels of these positions. Right now I am attending Wells Fargo Service Manager courses and trying to learn everything.

Logan is now in Boy scouts. He is slowly learning how to participate in group things with out being overwhelmed. He is shy of group activities so we just bring him so he can become comfortable.

He is making a derby car now, and gets to go on field trips occasionally.Good experience.