Monday, July 27, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival

This year was our first year attending the Dragon Boat Festival at Sloans Lake. It was fun and a good time to go since Ludy was still in Town. Here are a few pics from our day at the Festival.

They had all sorts of different Asian dances to sit and watch, these guys were pretty interesting.

Then Logan and Ludy went to go and get their faces painted.

Ludy got the Chinese
Symbol that was suppose to mean "princess" and Logan got well we really don't know what Logan got. He asked for a cheetah and ended up looking like this. He wasn't all that excited about it when he looked in the mirror.

Of course we had to see the Dragon Boat races them selves. My work actually sponsored one of the boats. We were trying to figure out how to become one of the boat people, but by the end it just looks like so much work to do the paddling, I think that I will just watch from the side.

Believe it or not we waited about 1 hour in line for this little Chinese dragon balloon. There was one man and he was making all the balloons for the kids.

It was fun Ludy & Andrew, come again!!!!