Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun Events

We've done a few fun things so far since getting back from Montana. The other day we went swimming with Aunt Kathy. Don't worry that's not a bruise on our face in the picture. The day before we went to a community carnival and Logan got the batman logo tattooed on his forehead.

Sunday afternoon we went to the zoo. It was nice to get out and weather had finally stopped raining.

Of course we had to look and see everything. It was really a nice zoo here. I suggest if you've never been you should go sometime. We both agreed that it is way better than the Phoenix zoo!! (sorry Ludy)

And yes I did cut 7 inches off my hair. I told everybody that once the wedding was over the hair was going to leave. And so it did!!!

Okay thats all for an update for now. Logan has a new injury calling my name. We'll update you on it if we have any broken bones but I think we'll survive!!

School starts August 25. Logan will be starting a new school, Greenwood village Elementary School. He will have one of his aide from last year also be an aide this year so that will help in the transition.

Wedding Slide Show! Enjoy!