Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Day at the Hospital for Surgery

So here we are surgery is done now time for some R&R. Here is what our past day looked like.
We got to the hospital about 6:40 kind of early, but we got there. Right away they got Logan checked in for surgery. He put on his cool hospital clothes and did all of the intake information. As you can see we have a smile on our face at this point.

Then while we waited for the whole DR crew to get everything going in the OR we had to go down to the playroom for some play time. Logan vs Me in Mario Kart video game.

Logan picked out his flavor of raspberry for the gas mask and off to the OR we went.
They let me put on a jump suit and walk him to the OR and I stayed in there with him until he fell asleep.
Then began the wait in the waiting room. Surgery started at 9:15 am and was scheduled to last 4 hours. While we were waiting the flowers the Grandpa and Grandma ordered showed up.

Surgery finished up around 12:30 and we met with the DR to get the report. It sounded like everything went really well they took out a portion of his tube that was not good. For now he has a stent inside that goes from his Kidney to his bladder. We have to go back in 4 weeks to get that removed. The Dr said there is only a 5% chance that this surgery wouldn't be successful.
After talking to the Dr they let us go back and wait for Logan to wake up. He actually didn't wake up until about 2:15 pm and even then was very groggy and slightly on the irritated side.

You will notice that sitting on Logan is his stuffed cat named " mistletoe" anyway he got to take his cat to surgery with him and they left it with him the whole time before during and after the surgery. Kinda cool I thought!
He was finally really awake about 5:00pm and finally got something to drink, and a bit later he was feeling alot better and got to eat a popcicle and ice cream for dinner.

The next morning his got all his tubes taken out and was feeling alot better and ready to get moving around and eat real food.

And last but not least here is a picture of logans little battle wounds. Really not to bad they didn't have to make big insicisions at all. GOOD THING!!!

Oh we can't foget to thank Aunt Karen for sending us some Montana Potatoes. We will have to attempt to eat the two hearts and the butterfly shaped potatoes sometime.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Fall day of Leaves and Pumpkins

This afternoon we made our way over the the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins,then home to clean up the all the tons of leaves in the back yard.

Logan had to give the pumpkin a bath before it could come home!

He did the maze. He took a while trying to find his way through it and then when he got almost to the end and realized he had to walk past something slightly scary he came all the way back through back to the begining!

Then we raced home to rake the leaves and stuff our black spider bag.

I used my corn stocks from my garden this year as a decoration. Not many of them but it works for this fall.

And last but not least my great find at the pumpkin patch. I wanted one so bad last year but it was just to expensive for my liking, so this year $10.00 not too bad if I say so myself.