Thursday, November 27, 2008

Logan's Birthday

Guess what we're already 8!!! Logan celebrated his birthday last weekend with some friends and they went to Utah Pool. Then on Tuesday he got to bring cupcakes to school and they had a party for him. On Sunday we are having Rich and Barb and Kathy over for a little aunt/uncle birthday party...One kid so many parties!!
This year was the power ranger theme..He was very excited to pick out his cake and cups and party stuff.

He had about 7 friends over and they went swimming, down the waterslide, and played on the water play ground. They had a good time.

This is a picture of my friend Nadine...She also was promoted to Service Manager 1 with me at my branch..Which was nice to be promoted with your friend. So we deciced since we have to share a desk a computer, a phone ext...we might as well have a picture of us together sitting on our desk....

We also wasted no time getting our house decorated for Christmas...So I had to show everybody our very first Christmas Tree in Colorado..Living in the small apartment allowed no room for one so we finally got one.