Monday, August 25, 2008

Rockies Game and First Day of School

So we got free tickets from my work to see the Rockies game on Sunday...Who can pass up a free game. Trying to work on certain relatives of ours to come and visit us and go to a game with us (you know who you are!!)

Yes we really were up that high in the stadium. I guess that's what you get when the tickets were free. Logan was afraid at first to be that high, but by the middle of the game he realized he wasn't going to fall.

Today (Monday) Logan had his first day of school at the new school. He is now attending Greenwood Elementary School. The bus still comes as early as the first one, about 7 am or so, and he gets there about 7:40 am. He seemed to have a good first day and his teacher said that he worked really hard. He does have one of his teachers aides from the last school there which seems to help with the transition.