Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Decisions, Big Life Changes!

So here is some big news that our family has been working on. As many of you know Chris travels to Canada for work every month. His job has come to him and asked him to go up to Canada and live there for a year while he works.

So the big decision, do we all go? does he go by himself? Right now in the decision we are pretty much settled with I will stay here in Colorado with Logan since we have our house. Chris will then get an apartment in Canada and come one 1 time a quarter for a week. Big and hard decision, we decided that its best to not have to move Logan to Canada to school and then back again. Also there is a chance that when Chris gets back from his Canadian adventures we will move to Nebraska where his corporate office is located.

We have a little less than 30 days to decide what we are going to do. So keep your thoughts with us and our big decision.