Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trip to Montana!

I thought I would share my pictures from MT there isn't alot of them b/c I kept my trip pretty low key.

I drove up to Deer Lodge for a day to spend some time with the girls!

Of course it was Potato time so Dad was busy loading trucks the whole time we were there.

On Saturday we decided to get home because Logan had an AWANA derby car race on Sunday afternoon. We were driving along just fine when they decided at about 4 in the afternoon to close the roads in Wheatland Wyoming. I was so close to getting home when they did this to me. Well we searched about 4 different hotels and they were all booked because everybody got stuck in the same town. This is not a big town at all. Anyway we found a hotel that happened to have rooms available. They decided to raise their prices and we paid almost $100.00 a night. Got into the room and the heater didn't work, they had to bring me a little tiny heater you would use in your bathroom. There was a gap above the door so the cold air could come through. In order to lock the door there was a string that would wrap around your door handle. But we had a bed to sleep in, after I requested clean sheets.
I took some pictures so everybody could relive the experience with us! Although no picture could really portray the true thing.

Then on top of it all the bathroom wasn't completely fixed so their were boards and nails sticking out everywhere.

I had to stick the boards in front of the sink so they were not in our way and so we didn't have to look at all the yucky stuff under the sink. Quite the experience.
Anyway we made it home in time for Logans derby car race.

He didn't win first or second like he wanted to we got I believe 5th out of 10 kids. we had complications with our wheels. Oh well it was fun and there is always next year.

That all till next time!!!