Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Tragedy after Another

I really shouldn't even be up right now. We just spent 10 hours in the hospital ER and finally came home at 4:00 am this morning. My poor little Logan, he went to shut the car door and shut it on his right thumb. You guessed it, it is broken also. I went to the ER just thinking that we were going to get stitches, but we came out broken. Since it was an open wound on top of it they ended up putting him to sleep for the procedure. On Monday we go to make sure that he didn't crush his flexor tendon.(That one allows you to move your thumb up and down.) So come Monday we get the other cast off and get to put another one on the right hand. He can't do anything by himself right now. I have to feed him, take him to the bathroom, everything. Hopefully come Monday everything is good and we can just get a cast on it and continue on with life. I was really looking forward to him taking a normal bath for once, but it seems that will be on hold for a while. BAD LUCK!!!
He is finally picking up things in school, there is a chance that I may keep him in 1st grade again so he doesn't end up in middle school so far behind.
Everything else is good for us, we are hoping to buy a house pretty quick and have one in our sites. Just depends on the inspection and appraisal. I'll keep you all posted.