Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well I guess while Dad and Chris and having fun attending the Denver Broncos vs Miami Dolphins Game I might as well update this blog.

Mom and Dad arrived on Tuesday and so the running around began. On Wednesday we went to Estes Park with Aunt Kathy. It is always fun to run around and see all the little shops that they have. The problem is try to not find stuff to buy!

On Thursday Mom and Dad helped Logan carve his pumpkins for Halloween. I was so busy at work that I missed out on it this year. But they got it done and they both looked great.

Take note in the picture for the lack of leaves on my ground I will show you why later.

On Friday was Logans favorite Holiday besides Christmas. He decided this year to dress up as a White Rino Power Ranger. Who or what that character entails only he knows!

I didn't buy any candy because we were going to go trick or treating. But lesson learned. When you live in a house kids will come anyway. Next year I will have the candy on hand for before and after we leave the house, as to not disappoint any more kids again.
Off to the church party we went. We all got to eat free hot dogs, soda, and there was alot of candy. They called it the TRUNK OR TREAT. Folks had their cars lined up and the kids just got to get candy out of decorated car trunks. Then inside they had balloons and face painting and magic tricks. In Sunday service they estimated they had anywhere between 2,000-2,500 people attending the TRUNK OR TREAT

Saturday night we had Barb, Rich, and Kathy over for game night. First we all learned how to milk cows and the dirty part of living on a dairy farm when we watched MIKE ROWES DIRTY JOBS on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. ( good watching if you get that channel)
Then we had a long night of playing the game apples to apples. Now key advice if your going to play with Uncle Rich you need to pick the least obvious answer and you may possible get some points.

When buying a house trees are nice and they provide great shade, but do you ever think about those darling wonderful leaves and what happens to them in the fall.
Well I love my trees and they were great this summer. I have already raked my leaves 3 times this year, and in less than 4 days this is what I am left with.

And just look at all those leaves that are still waiting to fall to the ground. I may never get them all raked up. Wish me luck

To end things on a good note. I finally got my promotion at work. I am no longer a teller at Wells Fargo. I got promoted to Service Manager 1. That job requires me to schedule the tellers to work, help them get their sales, take all the crabby customers, and make sure that we are getting all 5's in our shops ( meaning that when we survey a customer they feel that we treated them well.) Very excited I worked a long time to get this and attended tons of training for it.