Sunday, August 19, 2012

6th Grade

Tuesday was the first day of Middle School for Logan. New School and New Friends. So far so GOOD!

Montana Trip/Family Reunion

Here are some pictures from our Trip to Montana/Family Reunion.
At the river with cousins

Chris made an appearance at the family reunion

Alpine Slide

Logans favorite past time on the farm

More Cousins


Summer vacation from Logans Camera

Here is Logans summer vacation from his camera. Finally got into his pictures today to see what he had taken pictures of.
Logan and Blizzard (Ludys Dog)

Aunt Kathy Came to visit in Omaha

Trip to the zoo with Aunt Kathy

Helping with Cows with Duane

Lunch with Aunt Liz

Trip through West Yellowstone

Grand Tetons

Somewhere over the rainbow

Hiking with Grandpa