Saturday, August 9, 2008


It was nice to get to go back to Montana. Although I wouldn't use the word relaxing to describe the trip.

On our first day there we took Chris around the farm via the potato rouger....Had to see if he had farming in his future.

Tuesday thru Thursday Chris went to go visit his family. So while the cats away the mice will play. On Tuesday we had a "little girl get together." It was a great night to get away with some friends.

Thursday was the big run around day. Trying to finalize everything was a bit stressful. We did manage to get together with the whole family. It was great to see everybody that made it to the family BBQ

Thursday night we even managed to get together with some of Chris friends. It was fun to see everybody that he knew prior to us. He talked and talked about his friend Sheri from Albertsons so it was nice to finally meet her and her husband, and have them drive all the way from Utah to attend our weekend. Chris' friend Greg also flew in from Phoenix for the weekend.

Then Finally came Saturday.....All of our hard work was finally going to be put to the test. I do want to say "Thank you" for everybody that was up bright and early Saturday morning to do the decorating with and for me. It was alot of help to have extra hands pitch in and everybody did an amazing job.

Around 3:30 it started to rain, believe it or not inside I was kinda panicking. We really had no back up plan as far as having to move the ceremony into the tent.

But everybody had their prayers answered when it stopped raining at 3:45 and we were able to get the ceremony started. We even started 5 minutes early just because we figured another rain storm was on the way. * which it arrived promptly after we moved to the tent for the reception.

Everything went good and it was an enjoyable day. Thank you to all of our friend and family for coming to spend our special day with us.