Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Summer Started

Not much new going on over here in Aurora. Logan just lost his 2 front teeth and had visit from the tooth fairy. Very exciting around here. It has been really nice weather around here and Chris has had an opportunity to try out his new BBQ. His Mom was here for a few days to visit us and of course we ran all over the place and stayed fairly busy. Logan is starting a new med this week. Hopefully it will help him. Its mostly b/c due to the TBI he has a mood issue its always up and down so this should help him with that and help him put things in perspective for him to be able to comprehend things at a normal level. It will take a while before it kicks in and for us to know if it is the right med for him. His teacher has encouraged him to get involved in soccer so we will have to see in the fall what we can do. It seems to be a big sport out here. He is starting to like sports now, he wants to play baseball every night or kick around the soccer ball, glad that he is finding stuff that he wants to do.
We finally have a best friend. This is Logan's friend Micah, its good for both of them due to the fact that they are both only children. They can learn from each other on how to treat friends and share. Believe me at sometimes you would think they were related because they almost seem like they love to hate each other. But majority of the day and at the end of the day they stay friends. They don't get to go to school together but they do see each other at after care and in boy scouts.

Other than that not a whole lot going on around here, just thought I'd better send out an update.