Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is for Lisa

No Words needed :-)


At AWANA they had a Silly hair/Silly hat day........this is Logans crazy hair he wore to the event.

Not the best Saturday

We our Saturday was far from enjoyable. We had cancelled our weekend getaway b/c Chris had gotton sick. So we decided to run som errands. On  our way back just driving down the road, another car decided to turn right infront of us. You guessed it......we ended up hitting her. Best part about the whole situtation....she was uninsured and the car wasn't registered, AND she didn't have a drivers license with her. Needless to say she went to jail, and we went to the body shop. So since it was her fault our insurance company will go after her for the money. Not the best weekend off I've ever had. I should find out soon how much my car will be, thankgoodness for insurance.
We didn't get hurt really too bad, other than being sore from the impact. Hopefully nothing will be long term pain. It definately could have been way worse.