Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hunter/Fishermans Dream

So last night we went to dinner at the restaurant located in Outdoor World. If you've never been there its huge. Its definitely the dream of a Hunter/Fisherman to spend hours located in that store. So we walked around and then went to dinner.

Its hard to see but this is a picture of the huge fish tank they have in the store.

Then off to dinner we headed.....

Logan and Myself had never been here. Chris comes here to eat with work once in a while. Inside the restaurant when you walk in there is a huge fish tank.

This is a picture of my son eating for the first time Alligator and Muscles. Who knew he was gonna like to eat that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd Grade here we come

Okay so every year I take a picture of our first day of school. This year the bus came so much earlier than expected, so here is the picture for our second day of school.

First day of school went well and Logan seems to like his new teacher. He called his 2nd grade teacher last night to tell him how his day at his new school went. He has a pretty great relationship with his 2nd grade teachers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

AWANA start up!

On Saturday we are going to the church to register for AWANA again. That night they are having a special show by David and Teesha Laflin they are Christian Illusionists. It should be fun, I included the link onto their website if you click on their name, if ya want to see what its all about.
Also in Sunday school we've been doing a pretty cool lesson. I'm sure most of you have seen the movie FireProof. Well in Sunday school we are doing love dare the bible study. We have to do the daily book of love dare, and then on Sundays we have the bible study around what we did in our book.

Every day it has a segment for you to read and then for the day there is a "love dare" So for example there is a day that you have to do something out of the ordinary for your spouse to show them that you love them. Its really good for any stage of marriage if its 20 years or 3 years or 6 months. If you haven't picked up a copy for your family. Try it!