Friday, October 2, 2009

Hospital Visit

As many of you know already we spent Friday afternoon at the Children's Hospital with Logan. He was having really bad side pain and we couldn't figure out what it was. We went there to pretty much treat his appendix. Well after all the tests were run (blood work, urine sample, CT scan,and other not so fun tests) he came out with the Diagnosis of Right Ureteropelvic junction Obstruction Pretty much the tube from his kidney to his bladder is blocked. That causes his kidney to be inflammed right now and cause pain. They believe that there is a vain that is pressing against the kidney when he drinks fluids. If you want more information on what he has just click on the blue link on the name of the diagnosis.

He goes back the the urologist next week for tests to make sure that his kidney is functioning properly and then he will be scheduled for surgery in 3-4 weeks. The Dr seemed pretty confident with the surgery that it would go well and that there shouldn't have too many complications if any. There are 2 different ways that they can do the surgery and that will be determined when they start. It is microscopic so he won't have may incisions and they will be small. He will have to spend 1 night in the hospital and then stay home from school for 1 week. We will keep you posted on his progress, until then he will have some discomfort and pain that we have to treat at home.