Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How does your garden grow?

This is my first year growing a garden, kind of a trial and error. So far my corn is coming up, my tomatoes are doing well, and well as for the carrots, a few of them came up anyway.

My newest project that I want to pick up for next summer is canning fruit. I've never done it but I think that I would like to try it. I already priced a canner * totally not expensive* they make a "canning for dummies book* and get my jars and I'm ready to go. Since its too late this summer it will be my project for next summer. Although I am ready to get started now, cant do much about that now.
I planted some poppies this year in an experimental spot and a few of them seem to me coming up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not exactly the color we were shooting for!

So Chris finally let me paint something in the house. My project...the upstairs bathroom. I really had no idea what color to go for, and no real leads. So I picked up a book at Lowes and said how about this one. The label says "aloe vera" but when I look at it I say "minty green." Since I'm tired from painting we are gonna just have to stick with this color for a while. So off shopping we go to find some accent colors to go with it, maybe after all we can pull it together.*hopefully*

Here is before I decided to paint:

And after the painting project:

I will post some more pictures when we have our little bathroom project completely finished.

Happy Anniversary Honey!!

Today is our 1st wedding anniversary! One down more to come! We spent it going to dinner last night and to comedy show! Now tomorrow I send my husband of one year off to Canada for work.

Thanks to all of our Friends and Family who made our wedding day so special!