Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Member of the Family

Yesterday we brought home our little puppy.

She is a chihuahua, and about 6 weeks old. Logan named her Cinderella-Jasmine, I think we'll stick to just calling her Cinderella. Its kind of a big name for a little dog but that was Logan's choice. So begins raising a new Child (close enough) we'll be working on potty training and everything that comes along with having a new puppy. Logan was very excited to get her and promised to take "very good care of the puppy."

We went and looked at her a few weeks ago and had to finalize the convincing of Chris to get a puppy. He's being a good sport going along with it. He pretends that he's not excited about the puppy and may not say that he likes it but the photo proves opposite.

She spends most of her day sleeping, suppose that's how it will be til she gets a little bigger.

Logan is still doing swimming lessons, and we're finally making progress. Its fun to see him get a little more better and confident every time. He wants to join karate in January, but that activity is yet to be determined.

Have a Merry Christmas...More updates to come!!!