Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy January

So what happened to December? I guess I forgot to update this since November, so I'll give you the run down of December.
Beginning of December we have had our one and only snow storm of the season ( so far).

We got a new family member named Bob. He is named after Logan's school Janitor.

Our Church puts on this great Christmas Pageant, so we were lucky enough to get tickets to go to it!

Ludy, Andrew, Skeeter, and Blizzard came to visit us for Christmas. They drove all the way from Denver.

Christmas vacation was super long for Logan.
We went and drove go-karts one afternoon.

We found a mustache from Nana while cleaning our bedroom.

We got some swimming in on a couple days.

We are now counting down the days til Chris and I go on vacation. Mom and Dad will be coming to Omaha to watch Logan for a weekend as Chris and I take a weekend cruise to the Bahamas. 38 Days, 10 hours, 57 minutes and 6 seconds to go! :-)