Monday, April 14, 2008

Back from Montana and in a new house

Hello to Everybody, its been a really long time since I've updated all of you, so here is whats been going on.

We closed on our house and it is finally ours. 2 days later I flew out to Montana to finish up the final wedding plans. I'm thinking I must have planned this right b/c poor Chris was stuck here in Colorado moving boxes for me. He did although save stuff for me to move when we got back.

Logan loved being back in Montana on the farm. He loves having his cats, dogs, and kite flying right there available to him. We had fun running around and seeing everybody.

My cousin Renee hosted a Bridal Shower for me. It was nice to get together with everybody and spend time together. Lisa of course had great games for us to plan. If your in need of games and a get together she would be the one to call.

We stayed 1 day in Deer Lodge with Yvonne and the girls. Logan enjoyed playing with Elizabeths dog and cats there.

When we got home it was fianally Logans time to take his braces off. He was exactly excited for that b/c they made his poor little thumbs feel secure. His princial at school gave him 2 coupons for Dairy Queen one for each hand. Well needless to say we had both those braces off in 2 days. He seems to be doing well with them, and they don't bother him. We'll see if the one finger straightens our for good.

This weekend we finished moving all of our stuff out of our apartment and into the new house.

Its nice to be all in one location. Everything went pretty well, minus our sleeper sofa doesn't fit through the door, and our washer/dryer don't fit where they should. So the sofa we must sell and we'll have to figure the rest out.

Chris is planning on flying for work to Nebraska in May for another work trip. He is enjoying his job and seems to be pretty busy with it. He is still trying to get use to the idea of having to mow a lawn and doing little projects around the house. It will be good for him.

Most of the wedding planning seems to be almost done and we are excited to see everybody again in August. Don't forget save the date of August 2nd.