Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swimming lesson Go On

Well Logan is still doing swimming lessons. We've almost been doing them everyweek for a year now. He had a little incident last week during lessons. They were in the deep pool and his teacher turned his back to help another student, well Logan slipped off the edge and couldn't grab it again. I looked up and saw Logan in the water and a parent trying to reach him and then his teacher grabbed him. He was a little shook up about it and doesn't want to go back in the deep end again. But we are working to rebuild our confidence. He panicked instead of trying to swim which is understandable. A few seconds in the water can be a scary thing.

Holy Mushroom in my Yard

I was walking through my backyard checking on all my plants when I looked down by my bushes and found this HUGE mushroom. I don't know that I've ever seen one this big before!!!

Of course I had to include my picture of my roses!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date Night with the Colorado Rockies

Saturday night Chris and I decided to go to the Colorado Rockies Game!!! So off we went dropped Logan off with Aunt Kathy and headed off to Coors Field. We got there early, got inside, got our snacks, and sat down ready to enjoy the game. In rolled the clouds, then the thunder, then a few drops, a few more drops, then the down pour. What a great way to start off a game. So us and everybody else had to run for shelter and wait for the rain to end. Lucky for us the game was only delayed by about 50 minutes.
Here are some pics from our evening, not the best I took them with my phone!

Only a few more weeks til we go back to Montana!!! We are excited and have a very busy schedule planned! We even get to go to West Yellowstone to the playmill theater!
Can't hardly wait!!!