Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Fun

I haven't updated this lately so here it goes.....
For everybody who has been wondering we officially have decided not to move to Nebraska. There may be a better time later in life that we can jump at that opportunity, so for now we stay put.
For Chris we decided to go fishing, it was a very cold morning as you can see for yourself. No fish caught, just really cold hands and feet.

That would be the first and the last time I get up to go fishing at 5 AM.

We also went to a fun place to get pumpkins. There were pumpkins everywhere, a farmers market, a straw maze and other fun stuff to do. It was good for an afternoon away.

Other than that not a whole lot going on down in this part of the world. Logan is doing really well in school, and we still haven't had any bad reports. Its a nice change of pace for him. There are about only 5 boys in his class and about 3 teachers. Makes for alot of one on one time. He's even participating in gym class which is a big improvement for him.