Sunday, February 10, 2008

Logan Injury

So we always knew that Logan would break a bone one day. Who knew that it was going to be when he was playing with Mom. Yes, its true I broke my sons thumb. I was going for the goal (playing soccer) and Logan went for the block. At first we just thought it was a jam, but the next day proved to be other wise. 3 hospitals later we left with a really cool power ranger blue cast. I felt pretty bad, Logan on the other hand has been pretty forgiving. The doctors were nice enough to say " At least your Mom was playing with you." Not exactly what we were going for. The cast will stay on for 4 weeks. In 6 months we will go back to make sure that the thumb is growing correctly.( It broke on the growth plate. ) If it doesn't grow correctly then we will have to have surgery. But it sounded pretty posative talking to the doctor. Other than that nothing new to report.