Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Whole Bunch of Stuff Going on!!

Well here I am again with all the newest updates. Logan went to get his cast off on Monday, and it is still broken and healing very crooked. It looks as though we are heading toward surgery the end of this year or next year. He does though have two really cool neon glow in the dark casts on. They aim to please at the Children's Hospital. In 2 weeks we will check everything out again and see if we can't get either one or both of them off. The other one * the newest injury* seems to be doing well and it seems as if the tendon did not come off.

For good news; Chris and I have started the paperwork process of buying a home. If the inspection and appraisal go well it will be ours come March 28. We're pretty excited.

There are some of the pictures of the house. Other than that We haven't been up to a whole lot.Logan is excited for his upcoming trip to Montana. He has already called Nana "aka Myra" to make sure that the trampoline will be set up and that the play house hasn't moved. He did go and get his very own luggage now so he can travel in style.