Saturday, May 30, 2009

Company picnic

Today we had a company are a few pics from today!

Cool new toy

Logans teacher bought the coolest new toy that he can use...its the foam that flies. Those of you with older kids may find this kind of cool. Its called a Hover launcher!

You plug it in and it just floats in the air!

My new little plants

So we have this corner in our garden where everybody in the areas cables comes....Why it has to be in our yard I will never know. So we decided if your gonna look at it we mighnt as well add some character to the corner. Here are some pictures of our new little project.....and yes you can still see the ugly boxes.

And yes all suggestions welcome on covering up ugly cable boxes!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Royal Gorge Park

We decided to head out early for our Memorial Day weekend. We spent an entire day at the Royal Gorge Park. It was a fun day and we didn't get rained out but for only 10 minutes of the whole day.

We rode across the gorge in the aerial tram.

Don't look down!

Logan went on the rides!

This is Chris crossing the famous bridge.

We went down the incline railway, to the bottom of the gorge.

This is the view of the bottom of the bridge from the bottom of the gorge.

Here we are at the bottom of the gorge by the Arkansas River.

This is the water clock it is only one of 3 in the world.
Last but not least they have a wild life park with buffalo, elk and mountain sheep.